If Pakistan Does Not Stop Supporting Radical and Extremist Groups

Pakistan's relationship with Afghanistan had many ups and downs since its establishment in August 1947. Despite religious, ethnic, economic, and cultural ties between Afghanistan and Pakistan running deep and wide, the two countries have frequently been at odds with one another and it was due to Afghanistan voted against Pakistan's mem...

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India’s role in Afghanistan in the Past Two Decades

The Indo-Afghanistan relations have roots in the ancient era. The two countries have been connected historically, through cultural, political, and socio-economic links. before the separation of Pakistan from India in 1947 the two countries shared borders and trade and commercial activities were smoothly taking place. After 2001 India w...

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Poverty Puts Afghanistan’s children at High Risk of Hunger

Following the collapse of Afghanistan's Republic government in August 2021, the country's economy collapsed unexpectedly. According to data provided by the United Nations, the population living in poverty has surged to 34 million individuals. Among the most vulnerable groups are women and children. Through interactions with numerous...

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Afghanistan and The Fallacy of Benevolent Dictatorship

23 Jul 2023

Shahir Sirat

Tobias Ellwood, a conservative member of the British Parliament and the Chair of the House of Commons Defence Select Committee, on a recent trip to Afghanistan, reported – on July 17, 2023 – that...

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Afghanistan: Exclusive Narratives and No Norm

From the establishment of Afghanistan in 1880 to the present day, stability, war and peace, and a justly inclusive political settlement have been the main question. The country has never experienced a consolidated socio-political system to ensure development and social justice. The intellectuals and social scientists draw and argue dif...

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One Journey Spotlights Afghan Refugee Talents in an event in Washington D.C.

27 Jun 2023

Farahnaz Safa

In a display of solidarity and support for refugees, One Journey, a refugee advocacy group, hosted an event at the Washington National Cathedral. Through a diverse array of activities including music, dance, food, storytelling, and art, the event sought to empower and amplify the voices of Afghan refugees who have found solace and hope...

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Iran Deported 14,000 Afghan Refugees

Reports from Iranian media indicate that in the past nine days, a staggering number of 13,879 Afghan refugees have been deported from the Dogharon border. The Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) stated in a report on Monday, June 19 that Majid Shuja, the Khorasan Razavi border guard commander, disclosed the return of over 13,000 Afghan...

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Atiq Rahimi became a jury member in the Cannes Film Festival

The organizers of the 76th Cannes Film Festival have announced the names of the jury members. In the announcement of this festival, which was published on Thursday, 14th of Thor, it is stated that Atiq Rahimi, a writer, and director from Afghanistan, is one of the members of th...

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Who is the new head coach of the Afghanistan National Football Team?

After the Afghanistan National Football Team did not advance to the 2023 Asian Nations Cup, criticisms were raised against Anosh Dastgir, the former head coach of this team, and the Afghanistan Football Federation decided to terminate his contract with the agreement of both sides after several rounds of negotiations. After the remov...

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