If Pakistan Does Not Stop Supporting Radical and Extremist Groups

Pakistan's relationship with Afghanistan had many ups and downs since its establishment in August 1947. Despite religious, ethnic, economic, and cultural ties between Afghanistan and Pakistan running deep and wide, the two countries have frequently been at odds with one another and it was due to Afghanistan voted against Pakistan's mem...

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India’s role in Afghanistan in the Past Two Decades

The Indo-Afghanistan relations have roots in the ancient era. The two countries have been connected historically, through cultural, political, and socio-economic links. before the separation of Pakistan from India in 1947 the two countries shared borders and trade and commercial activities were smoothly taking place. After 2001 India w...

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India’s Presence in Tajikistan

India and Central Asian countries share many common interests such as cultural and economic interests, and a long tradition of historical relations goes back to the ancient era. There is a convergence of views and interests between India and the Central Asian Republics on various issues as such (a) social harmony and co-existence; (b) ...

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Afghanistan and The Fallacy of Benevolent Dictatorship

23 Jul 2023

Shahir Sirat

Tobias Ellwood, a conservative member of the British Parliament and the Chair of the House of Commons Defence Select Committee, on a recent trip to Afghanistan, reported – on July 17, 2023 – that...

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Afghanistan: Exclusive Narratives and No Norm

From the establishment of Afghanistan in 1880 to the present day, stability, war and peace, and a justly inclusive political settlement have been the main question. The country has never experienced a consolidated socio-political system to ensure development and social justice. The intellectuals and social scientists draw and argue dif...

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Indo-Tajik Friendship During Current Difficult Geo-Politic Situation

Tajikistan lies in the heart of central Asia and is surrounded by Kirgizstan on the north, Afghanistan on the south China on the east, and Uzbekistan on the west. It was earlier a constituent part of the former Soviet Union and attained freedom from it in 1991 when it got disintegrated. however, relations between both have been strong ...

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