One Journey Spotlights Afghan Refugee Talents in an event in Washington D.C.

27 Jun 2023
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One Journey Spotlights Afghan Refugee Talents in an event in Washington D.C.

One Journey

In a display of solidarity and support for refugees, One Journey, a refugee advocacy group, hosted an event at the Washington National Cathedral. Through a diverse array of activities including music, dance, food, storytelling, and art, the event sought to empower and amplify the voices of Afghan refugees who have found solace and hope in their new home.

The fourth annual Festival organized by One Journey provided a platform for refugee participants to share their talents and stories. Within the event’s ‘global marketplace’, Afghan refugee women showcased their handmade crafts and traditional garments. In the other part, Afghan women shared and read stories to children.

Wendy Chan, co-founder of One Journey told Afghanistan Explainer, “We help refugees from all backgrounds, but we also have partnerships with a lot of  nonprofits that serve Afghan refugees.”


Dana, a volunteer for this festival said, “We bring a lot of organizations and individuals together to serve better those who were resettled through Afghan Evacuation ‘The Operation allies’ Welcome’ program.” She also added that Afghan vendors in the festival are those individuals who came through the evacuation or before that.”

Jahan Ara Rafi artists and Omar Khan, a photographer were also among the Afghan participants in this festival.

Afghan women shared and read stories to children. (One Journey)

Adding a touch of musical enchantment to the event, Kabul Dreams, Afghanistan’s first rock band, rocked the stage with a performance. The event also featured the melodies of traditional Ukrainian folk music.

One Journey amplifies refugee voices and enhances public awareness of refugee talents and contributions.

Since its inception in 2017, this movement has been supported by hundreds of volunteers, sponsors, and partners, allowing the organization to host nearly 100 refugee awareness-raising and celebratory events.

One Journey has consistently championed the cause of displaced individuals worldwide and also focused on advocating for the voices of Afghan refugees, the organization has organized conversations and events aimed at healing the trauma inflicted by the collapse of Afghanistan in 2021. Through these efforts, One Journey endeavors to assist refugees in rebuilding their lives and embarking on a journey of hope and renewal in their new homes.

Farahnaz Safa

Farhanaz Safa is a reporter and author of children's stories. She studied in Kabul, currently living in Alexandria, Virginia.

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