Iran Deported 14,000 Afghan Refugees

20 Jun 2023
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Iran Deported 14,000 Afghan Refugees

Chicago Tribune

Reports from Iranian media indicate that in the past nine days, a staggering number of 13,879 Afghan refugees have been deported from the Dogharon border. The Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) stated in a report on Monday, June 19 that Majid Shuja, the Khorasan Razavi border guard commander, disclosed the return of over 13,000 Afghan nationals lacking proper legal documentation by the border guards of the Taibad border regiment.

Khorasan’s border guard commander, Razavi, informed IRNA that the country’s border guards and police take legal measures upon identifying individuals residing illegally. This deportation initiative has been implemented to ensure the nation’s security.

According to IRNA, approximately 18,000 individuals who sought refuge in Iran following the Taliban’s takeover have been sent back to Afghanistan through the Dogharon border within the past two weeks.

Following the fall of Afghanistan, numerous soldiers and civilians sought shelter in neighboring countries, including Iran and Pakistan, owing to economic hardships and concerns of potential Taliban-inflicted torture and imprisonment.

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