The aftermath of Taliban’s retributions in Afghanistan’s stadiums

26 May 2023
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The aftermath of Taliban’s retributions in Afghanistan’s stadiums


Retribution and implementation of corporal punishment in stadiums and sports venues may suspend the sport in which the punishment is carried out and international federations may not allow that sport to operate.

Based on the latest reports by United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan, published May 24, 2023, 174 men, 58 women, and Two children have been physically retributed in public by the Taliban in the last six months.

This statistic reaches 307 men and 80 women in one year, and most of the incidents took place in sports venues and stadiums, which is against the principle of sports. Based on the sports definitions, values, goals, and missions accepted globally, it is a multi-dimensional cultural and recreational group activity that enriches our lives. Sport improves lifestyles, creates job opportunities, promotes peace, prevents Human Rights violations, and is also considered a resistance against racism.

Sports federations in the world have specific departments to fight against human rights violations and handle complaints related to human rights violations.

FIFA’s Human Rights Committee investigates violation cases and takes action against the country’s football federation against which the complaint has been made.

In 2016, FIFA’s annual congress passed a law banning all football activities of the countries that implement execution on Football grounds.

FIFA’s dealt with the Iranian Football Federation seriously after they violated human rights in the country’s stadiums. In 2015, they warned that this issue was not acceptable and would suspend the Iranian Football Federation.

To date, no information has been sent from Afghanistan to the World Olympic Committee or any other world institutions or federations representing sports regarding human rights violations within sports stadiums and venues. Reports of the absence of women’s sports activities and the implementation of corporal punishment activities could potentially lead to the suspension of sports federations, including the Afghanistan Sports Administration.


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