Afghanistan’s annual Budget from the International Cricket Council

23 May 2023
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Afghanistan’s annual Budget from the International Cricket Council


According to the latest reports on the International Cricket Council’s budget, the Afghanistan Cricket Board will receive over 16 million dollars annually from 2024 to 2027.

India will receive 231 million dollars, Australia will receive 37.5 million USD, and England will receive 41.3 million USD, making them the countries with the largest shares.

Afghanistan, with 16 million USD, will receive the smallest share of the council’s annual budget to support its activities.

Despite the significant increase in the Afghanistan Cricket Board’s budget, their administration receives the least funding even compared to lower-ranked countries. Allegedly, the reason for this is their failure to meet specific criteria set by the International Cricket Council.

The International Cricket Council has allocated $600 million for its permanent members in its new financial plan for the upcoming year. Among the 12 countries with full membership, they will receive 88.8 percent of the total revenue, while the remaining 11.2 percent will be distributed among the remaining 96 members.

According to the new rankings, Afghanistan has been ranked eighth among the countries with full membership in the International Council. Before this, Afghanistan’s budget was 4.25 million dollars, which was 15 percent less than the current amount.

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